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The reality is shopping for a new garage door can be overwhelming. There are nearly an infinite number of styles to choose from, and deciding on the right fit for your home can be a challenge. For example, the most common colors are white & almond. Many of our customers with white doors wished they had gotten almond & vice versa. With the right guidance, we’ll help you make the correct decision the first time.


Step 1 is deciding on the type of door you’d like.  The budget-conscious options are made out of vinyl or thin steel.  The most popular doors are made of quality steel & are always a great mid-grade choice.  Then you have the higher end doors with wood overlays & aluminum all the way up to pure wood, “full view”/glass, copper, and other more exotic materials.

Next, we like to give customers a “good”, “better” or “best” option on the internal material of your garage door.


These doors typically have a strong steel exterior & a quality bottom seal to keep the weather & bugs out.  They’re “hollow” in that they are only a stamped sheet of steel hinged together to form the door.  They do come with struts that run along the inside of the door for added support, but these doors will have zero insulation & not quite carry the same durability as higher options.  Many customers still get 10+ years of quality operation out of these types of doors.


These doors have all the characteristics of the “Good” Option, but they have an added, thick layer of insulation to help regulate temperature inside your garage.  Because the panels are thicker, the door is more stable & smooth as it opens & closes.  You’re going to have a longer life span with this door, and your garage will stay a bit more cozy during extreme hot & cold temperatures outside.  If you work or spend much time in your garage, we always recommend adding insulation.


Customers that choose the “Best” Option get an all-around, incredible product.  This door has even more enhanced insulation by using polystyrene insulation & then covered by an added sheet of steel on the inside of the door.  These doors are the thickest & thus the most durable option for your home.  You’re getting the maximum insulation for added comfort whenever you’re packing up those Christmas lights or changing the oil in July.  Remember with this door, you’re going to need more powerful garage door springs & opener to ensure the door is balanced properly for a long lifespan.


We’re confident you’ll have a great experience.  From your first phone call, you & your wallet will be treated with respect.  We know both are important. Our goal isn’t to simply sell you a new garage door.  We want to help you make a well-informed decision & end up with a product that you’ll love for many years.  Whether you old door is worn out or you’re investing in your curb appeal for an upcoming sale, our team is here to help you make a great decision.

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