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broken garage door springs - we fix!

Torsion Springs – An Essential Garage Door Part

In addition to providing security, garage doors can enhance your home or business’ aesthetic appeal. That being said, they of course come with their own set of issues that need to be addressed promptly and correctly in order to ensure their longevity, security and safety. The regular checking of, maintenance and continued function of all […]

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garage door weather seals

All About Garage Door Weather Stripping

Besides keeping the wind out, your garage door is also responsible for keeping the rain and snow out. It is understandable that the garage door does most of the work when it comes to weather protection, but the seal is just as important. If your garage door doesn’t align PERFECTLY to the frame, which most […]

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garage door repairs - how to identify

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Residential Garage Door

Whether you know the importance of a garage door or not, it can be difficult for homeowners to truly value their door. A garage door’s value is often best displayed out of sight, protecting some of your more important products while acting as a barrier from the outside elements. While garage doors do last a […]

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Garage Door Issues - victoria

Why Does My Garage Door Stop Halfway?

Whether you recently upgraded to a new garage door or you’re still relying on your older one, a door that gets stuck halfway does nothing but bring frustration. You can never go wrong calling on a professional garage door repair service to fix the issue, but it’s also good to know some of the common garage door […]

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